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about 1 year ago

Since moving here in Aug. I have not had a days peace! I have yet to feel safe! I have beenbroken into 3 times and have had several items come up missing. I was told to always call the office first , & they will tell me what to do. Iwas told if I wanted to file a police report I could! but it wouldn't have anything to do w/aprt. so, feeling like a full foel after waiting all wkennd.... I did not file! 1st 2 times I have witness 1 of the times the intrudors.... Shaved my kitty cats tail! I have been told nothing except the security check on everything, yet the problems continue. That is until I put up cameras. Now those r the issue! Among all the others. But this time it is the tenants that don't like the cameras which makes me wonder why protect all of us however there's an issue and I'm the only onethat keeps having problems. no one else has been broken into and noone else's things are strollen. There's so much more but my question is what are my rights about the cameras?
Renter in Port Arthur, TX, USA
Withholding Rent Until Repairs Made

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