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A 1 star review of Amber Grove by Allgoodtome J.: Shi Torres & Roysha Dheer-Taylor And complete VILE MONSTERS & CRUEL ABUSIVE TYRANTS! They lie constantly and make you the LIAR!,-121.5549567,10z/data=!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1 01/10/2019 UPDATING! For @CalDFEH complaint w/CA DEPT Fair Employment & Housing & Sac County CODE ENFORCEMENT (multiple Build. Code Violations in 2017 & 2018) JOIN EMAIL/PHONE w/message detailing issues experienced. | (916) 860-7261 WORST & MOST ATROCIOUS & Property MANAGER in U.S. History! "STAGED REVIEWS" by AMC, LLC. Mgmt PROMISED ME IN WRITING a pet deposit refund of $200 LAST YEAR! Spun it in circles to infinity until they LATER claimed ALL TO RIP ME OFF AGAIN! (Watch-out deposits are $500 now LOL! Read below) I REFUNDED MYSELF LOL HAHAH!!!! Still never recv'd it as of 1/2/2019 Amber Grove 916-971-0859 Nov 9, 4:36 PM This is Shi Torres Amber Grove Apartments. I'm calling because we need you to sign that revised lease agreement for your pet charges cuz I know everything got changed. -Shi Torres Amber Grove Aug 17 at 4:01 PM We will refund the $200 deposit and the $90 that you were charged for pet rent. We will need to revise your lease. -Roysha Taylor * * *,1 * STAGED TENANT REV by: -JESSICA BROWN/KITCHER [Past AMC, LLC. N. CAL REG MGR] -SHARLENA RAINEY-BLOCK related to ROYSHA DHEER-RAINEY-TAYLOR I LIVE @ Amber Grove that is NOT at all an accurate description.👎🤥 ""I love these apartments. Mostly Muslim(that is not the rest). Very quiet and safe for kids to run around. Every one looks out for each other. Apartment manager Shi Torres. Is awesome person and maintenance always gets to any problems quick."" ""Response from the owner That's awesome to hear, Jessica! We appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience of Amber Grove with us! It's awesome that our tranquil community, friendly residents, attentive staff, and timely maintenance have helped make a real 5-star experience for you ere.""LOL They're in process of attempting to EVICT me for the last 2 YEARS SOLID! Money grubbing hungry devious TAKERS! AMC doesn't care about tenants rights or safety. And as usual, I'm doing nothing other than ringing the dinner bell for you predatory types. _________________ Nov 7, 2018 Amber Grove Manager wrote Thank you for bringing this to our attention for the repairs. [Repairs are stretched out over days, week & months.] UNREAL! WITH VERY "SHOCKING" TERRORISTIC and SADISTIC BEHAVIORS & UNLAWFUL ACTS AGAINST TENANTS. AMIDST THE WORST HOUSING CRISIS THROUGHOUT #CA. Federal & State Fair Housing/Civil law protection. @CalDFEH complaints address multiple, and excessive negative actions & ramped-up retaliations. Additionally, listing all violations perpetrated to date. Management ignores ALL REQUESTS especially DISABILITY REQ. Violating corresponding anti-discrimination, harassment & retaliation laws; UNRUH Civil Rights Act; Disabled Persons Act. Thank you, ShiT orres | Property Manager P. 916-971-0859 | #MultiGenerationalUSCitizensCulturalEqualitysRights #MultiGenerationalCalifornianCulturalEqualitysRights #FairHousing #FHact50 #CalHomelessEvictionCrisis #CAcitz4ResignKevinKishCaDFEH #CalExit #TentCityCalifornia #TentCityCA #CAResidence #CalHomelessnessSTATEofEMERENCY #UNITED_WE_STAND_LOL! #DEFUND_HUD #DEFUND_DFEH #DEFUNDTHEDFEH @HUDgov @alt_HUD_FHEO @CalDFEH @ProjSentinel #DyingIsland #AliveInside #One_Alone #MentalHealthAwareness #Roysha_DT #Shi_T
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