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4 months ago

This is a Private home located in a crime infested neighborhood. There are drug dealers, hookers, thugs, homeless, gangsters, Stray aggressive pit bulls and everything in between, roaming the streets 24/7. The house itself is deceiving online. It is located on a flood plain, has warped floors and shifting foundation. The electrical wiring is not up to code, and a fire hazard would be an understatement. The “new” air conditioner works when it wants to and leaves its occupants sweating and sticky mid winter. It’s an absolute dump. Seven days a week, there is gunfire behind the backyard. Take cover from a stray bullet. The mail carrier said she wouldn’t wish this place on her worst nightmare. The noise from the locals either street racing or fleeing from a crime can be heard at all hours. Don’t let the large backyard fool you. It’s un usable. Even a spring rain shower floods and it becomes a muddy field of sludge for weeks. The walls are paper thin. Forget hanging anything over half a pound without Sheetrock caving in. If you have children, keep them inside. It’s not safe. This place should be demolished along with its owner.
Renter in Houston, TX, USA

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