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over 1 year ago

AH FUCK THIS PLACE FUCK THE FUCKING MANAGER. He's some low lvl scum, people!! Unless you have the time to get familiar with housing laws (because the manager constantly breaks them) than find another place to live. That piece of trash really is a psychotic liar and tries to make a buck anywhere he can from fucking students. I'm sure he's the worse business person/manager west LA has ever seen. No, I'm pretty sure he's just the worse human being around here. Yeah once I thought he was cools n shit. Than he threatened to have my car towed when I was just parking there for 10 min. Not a huge deal. The shitty part is when he invited all his buddies over to party and let them take up all the parking spots they want. Oh and his girlfriend (who does not live there) also gets special treatment and park where ever she wants too. Really just shows what a grade A hypocritical dick he is. He will probably also do and say whatever it takes to make sure he pockets most of your deposit. So glad I don't have to live at that shit hole. If you decide to take your chances tho, hopefully you have plenty of time on your hands, you know for like reading up on laws and taking him to court, and just for the general time wasting things he does because he lies so goddammmm much. His assholeriness knows no bounds.
Renter in Los Angeles, CA, USA

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