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7 months ago

I dont know where to start, there was no heat all winter because the gas company refused to deliver & set up propane tanks because the land lord/owner didnt & would not replace the copper gas lines that were missing or damaged by time & weather. Move in Dec 11th 2019 today is 5/17/20 and never had heat other than the 8 space heaters we used. We pay for electricity..ect so with the space heater usage our electricity bill was close to $900 a month. When I was finally fed up and called the Ohio fair housing dept & health dept about the heat, her not fixing the water & the mold in the bottom apartments she told us she was evicting us (never late on rent ever, have receipts to prove it) evicting us on the grounds of "suspension of drug use" "breaking a lease?" (Never signed a lease) & "breaking a entering?" (WTF!!??) I was speechless. I called the sherriffs dept to have them come clarify her info. They said basically she is mentally ill and good luck.. at this point we have no where to go.. I strongly advise anyone who wants to rent one of her dwellings is to get a lease and make sure everything is covered & make sure u both have a signed copy. Do not plan on having any friends or family over to visit because you will be selling or doing drugs in her opinion. I still can't figure out the breaking a entering. I attached a copy of the notice she taped on the door.
Renter in Racine, OH, USA

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