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6 months ago

when to wash my clothes tonight at the laundromat here at Maple Grove Apartments my neighbor that's the Peril eejit guy who's in the rolling chair it's got these two guys like I said living with him well tonight they got the young boys staying with them they got this dog this great big old dog it's not on a lease and if you live here you got to have your dog on a lease just can't let it run wow and they got to be out there with it and the dog keeps running around where my apartment is I live in number for at Maple Grove Apartments and this new bunch is Boo then the sky that's in a rolling chair like I said he just met this two guys going on 3 weeks now he's come to let him stay with them well this young boy I don't know if he's kin to the guy or what but I can't even go outside and sit on my porch they are the noses damn people I've ever seen always seen your face always in my business I mean this gets on my nerves you ain't supposed to have all them people over there in that Parliament that's for people that this is a low-income I guess partment for old people and disabled you're allowed to have dogs here you're allowed to have dogs here but you got to have and I don't even think that guy pay the $250 to keep that big collie and they got the guy that got three guys them they got the guy that's in the rolling chair I think he's the one that rented the place then like I said he met these two old guys one named Chris the other named Charles and they act like they're crackheads but anyway they're always outside acting crazy I can't even go wash my clothes or sit on my porch I mean I don't bother nobody what these people are pass and names us to have that many people in their living in that partment cuz that's just over a one-room apartment nice got about 5 people in there with him if the landlord knew this I don't know she would do anything or not I complained about it to my friend that lives in her with me I ain't took pictures of it the guy that keeps bugging me and I mean this damn dog was out tonight running around without a lease and the boy says Well it's my dog gets over here I said I don't care that dogs supposed to be on the weights and if it's not you can get rolled up I mean there's lock six people in there I mean the guy I don't bother nobody I stay to myself I'm on my own business but I mean these are the past is Neighbors I've ever seen they're worse there than Cody was that was the boy that lived there before you moved out there's another guy that lives in apartment number two he's got a dog now who's this old guy that's living in the apartment number 3 in in a rolling chair and they don't guys that are living with and got this big collie dog that's running around on a lease and shiting everywhere they're not supposed to be doing that how's the the lady that ran this before she said your dogs can be on a lease but you got to be outside with it that's what Miss Teresa told me when I moved in here 5 years ago
Renter in Russellville, KY, USA

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