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about 1 year ago

My landlord sent a message by mouth from matinetance man that I was kicked out.every tenant had heard before myself.the landlord even told another tenant that he would soon tow my car. The following morning I talked with landlord and came to the agreement if I paid my bill I could stay. My aunt pAid bill landlord gave rent recipit stating bill was paid balAnce due 0. Next day I come back to space with my new trailer. When I was disruptively harrased by front desk clerk , matinance man , and wife, not to mention that wife doesn't even work here to even put any two sense in. Four months later mid june 2019 The owner sold the park new owners took over june1 ,2019. On June 12 , 2019 got rid of that trailer on the verge of getting another one so just my vehicle and belongings we're on my space . The front desk clerk that harrased me 4 months prior left a voicemail on my aunt's phone and said" Dionne has until Monday (mind you this was on a friday) to remove her belongings off the space or we will trash it. The reason being is we rented it out. Now there was clearly other spaces that were available to rent. The next week I paid money for a room. Stressed , mentally unstable due to being homeless. I find out that next week that the new owners decided to clear every tenants balance owed . Clean slate zero balance also my space wasn't rented out she lied about that.
Renter in Blythe, CA, USA

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