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6 months ago

I need help. I own a motorhome class c coachmen. I am renting a spot in a landlords back yard. $500 month and there are major problems with the yard my rv sits on namely, landlord has 2 other units she rents out in backyard with me. These 2 units have no plumbing to dispose of human waste just comes out the pipes from units draining into the ground. There are trenches 3-4 ft dug all over the back yard that are wide open with nothing to keep you from falling into. as well as a rat infestation from the filthy way her yard is. The rats feed off of the rotten food she throws out the back yard. There is also a diseased maple tree that she had me park directly under and ladt month during a wind and heavy rain storm several large branches broke.loose and fell onto my rv damaging the roof. On jan 7 2020 i gave her a letter outlining all these what i feel are violations both safety and health. On Jan 9 2020 i was given a letter with enclosures stating that i had broken the rules outlined by rental agreement (however i never signed one) which are total lies. I am sure i can prove she is lying. I did not pay rent for jan 2020 and now i have been served with a 72 hr notice to pay or be evicted. Do the landlord tenant laws apply to my case or since it isnt the typical situation would i fall under the manufacturer mobile park act. I need to know as it will determine whether or not i will pay past due rent for jan 2020 which time runs tomorrow. I feel she is lyingbto turn tables around because of my letter to her 2 days prior. Any suggestions as to what i should do or who i can call regarding this urgentnmatter. Thank you for reading.
Renter in Portland, OR, USA

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