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7 months ago

I'm renting from my brother in law with my husband. My landlord does not think the laws of landlord tenant business applies to him. He comes in and out of my apartment without notice or even knocking all the time his wife goes in our apartment when we are not home I've caught her asked her what she was doing she stated checking on things. Threatened eviction process over he said she said gossip has let people into our apartment that don't reside there without permission. Lives below us harassment everyday won't leave us alone. Harassing to guest asking why there there and there names when they try to visit. Tells us what people are allowed over and what people aren't. Broadcast business between landlord and tenant on Facebook and has people comment threatening and belittling us. Making a accusations without proof. Calling names on line. Has had bed bugs over a year and there starting to invade my apartment but won't take care of it. Excessive pounding and slamming of things in middle of night early morning. Threatens eviction to people on Facebook referring to us causing embarrassment and anxiety dreading everyday I'm here looking for new rentals.
Renter in Canton, OH, USA

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