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over 1 year ago

Let this be a warning to others. Sean Mirsaidi was basically given his post as manager BC Paul (old manager) thought he was a good guy even though he had no experience in property management whatsoever. Paul has since expressed deep regret at placing a vindictive, power tripping sociopath at the helm because since Sean has taken over, there has been copious amounts of complaints of Sean behaving totally unprofessionally, often resorting to bullying and intimidation if he doesn't get his way. My own personal experience includes him trying to push a $500 repair cost on me without even investigating the source of the problem. He didn't ask what happened but only assumed it was my fault. He also told the contractor this lie while I was not there to defend myself so that he could say without question that the repair would be my responsibility. However I set the record straight with the contractor who immediately recanted his statement. When Sean found out, he berated me for calling the contractor even though it was well within my rights. Not to mention that he also threatened my roommates if I don't pay up, the landlord would put a target on our backs. Fast forward months later,Sean calls us to he apt to sign an addendum since we were adding a new roommate. He very sneakily tried to get us to agree to an extra $200. Of course we knew this was BS. We contacted LA housing to inform the Sean tried to give us an illegal rent increase. He was found guilty by the housing investigator and had to rescind his ask of $200, changing it to the legal 3% ($60) increase yearly. So not only is he the most pathetic grown man because he actually tried to rip of 2 students to line his own pocket but he also thought he was gonna get away with it. I imagine he thought himself pretty clever pfft. So pretty much immediately after this huge blow to his ego, he decides to retaliate against us by not allowing us to sign a new roommate. He came up with every excuse including the since the guy was under age 30 he needed a cosigner despite his history of renting and having a good credit score. So whatever we tried in his application with a cosigner +$50 check. Only to find out later that he never ran the background check BC the new guy didn't have a driver's license. Then, he also refused to give back our application fee claiming managent already used it!! On what?!??! On the background check that never took place?? BAHAHA. Yah. So I figured his little scam was to pocket that application fee money. Wouldn't be surprised if hes been doing that all along basically swindling the landlord in so many ways. (Including purposely leaving 3 huge apartment units vacant for a whole year, yikes) Furthermore, he continued to try to make it very inconvenient for us and the new guy to get added to the lease. 1) he make us write a letter to the landlord so she could "approve" it. Said that would take a week. I've lived here 8 years and I know for a fact that the landlord would never EVER request such a thing. She HATES being involved in tenant related shit so right off the bat I knew Sean was just trying to get some revenge to sooth his butthurt little ego. 2) he constantly blew us off trying to get him to sit down for 3 fucking minutes so the new guy could sign the lease. Can you believe he has "prior engagements" without a few minutes to spare for like 2 months?? Lmao. He even made up some lie that the building a vandalized so he wouldn't be able to sign the new tenant until after he found the culprit. Funny thing is, the missing paper Sean claimed to have been vandalized (aka stolen) was the paper he's required by law to hang up on the board stating that he can only increase rent 3% yearly. hmm how fucking suspicious!! Sean also texted us a bunch of bullshit "rules" about why we couldnt add new people on the lease. I knew he was pulling words out his ass BC I've read the housing law book front and back like 5 times. Anyway we talked to many housing counselors and few lawyers, showed them all Sean's text messages. They all agreed that Sean is a "fucking idiot" (not paraphrasing). They were so confused and could not fathom why he would make up such blatant lies. As if anyone with half a brain couldn't find out through a quick google search. Anyway. Confronted the bastard who (can you believe) had the guts to blame it on AAGLA (another housing agency) which he said told him all that false info. Guess what. I called them too. The rep on the phone said that no one there would ever give such bad and wrong information. He also added that Sean must either be an idiot who has no idea what housing laws are or is just a flat out crook. He said he'd guess both. So I had to open another investigation over this stupid matter. Surprise, the housing investigator ruled him guilty of denying is services and rights stated in our lease. So after 3 or 4 months of this fucking waste of time Sean was forced to sign the new guy to the lease. A process that should have only taken 5 min.
Renter in Los Angeles, CA, USA

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