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over 1 year ago

I moved in to this apartment 3/15/19 (note* these apts. built in 1971-72). Within the first week of April I went to apartment office to speak about a musty odor throughout the apartment, especially noticeable in the bedroom. I expressed my concerns about the possibility of hidden mold. That day the prop. mgr came to the apt. with me, we walked to bedroom and she said that is smells like "old paint" ( note, apt. was JUST PAINTED! carelessly at that) we talked more about the odor she walked around sniffing the walls and we spoke about the carpet (which looked clean when I briefly viewed apt. before move in). I had filled 2 coffee filters with charcoal that morning before I left for work hoping that would help with the odor, she looked at the coffee filters and said "the coffee smells good". I told her that is charcoal and the reason for it and that she must be smelling the " Mocha coffee frappe" she had in her hand. She offered no remedy. A few more days passed and I contacted her again and explained something needs to be done, the odor is not any better, I wake up everyday with stuffy nose and continue my day with sinus headache. She suggested maybe it was my allergies (OMG) I told her that I am not a crazy person and I'm not just calling to be trouble, but the problem is not my allergies. I asked if she had record of the last time the HVAC had professional maintenance performed? She paused and said, "you do know our guys are certified?" I paused at that comment (which had nothing to do with what I just asked) and suggested that the issue could be with the need for a professional cleaning of the HVAC system (this was skirted around) we did talk a bit longer, but after her previous replies I knew the conversation was a waste of time, so on 4/9/19 I went to the office and presented her with a hand written request to have and air quality test done stating that if no mold found, the cost incurred for test would be mine ($250) if positive for mold the cost of the test and the mold cleanup would be King David Apts. she said she would have to send the request to "her manager". I agreed...I followed up on (she never contacts me to follow up) 4/11/19
Renter in New Albany, IN, USA

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