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10 months ago

I was getting ready for my ESA and the property management set up a inspection of all units, I left out the cat litter box, they took a picture of the cat box on the sky the next thing I know, I violated the rental agreement, they gave me 3 a Days notice to get the "cat" off the premises I then gave them my ESA, letter along with request for housing accommodation, they flatly said my forms were not legal and prepared me a 19 page request for reasonable housing accomodations we went to an attorney they said our documents were legal, so they tried to contact the property management and their attorney, and re submitted our firms, they never contacted our attorney or returned any calls, knowing that the property management firms were not legal they said if we didn't have them signed and returned by Dec, 17, 2018 her attorney would start eviction process! Their never was a cat in the premises our neighbor which is related to the property management staff, was spying for them, she lied to them, it was a mechanical cat she saw and caused this major problem with us and the management company, now she waited until now to serve us with this 60 day notice termination of tenancy, this is retaliation in my books, theirs alit more to this insident this us the short version!
Renter in Monterey, CA, USA
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