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over 2 years ago

Sorry. Spelling. I can no longer see bc theives came in my sleep and took my glasses along with last and favorite picture of missing daughter. Sick and twisted behavio. And the Housing Authority nor police will do a thing. . Seeking an attorney. Legal Aide unable to help much. Was also sexually assaulted and drugged by one of these womens bf who was a dope dealer. They didnt evict him even tho I filed exparte. Now they try to evict me when theives stole my wallet and all my cash for rent. I paid all $ I had. One woman has not paid rent in 6 mo. Another one admitted crimes to me and LAUGH ED bc she said had manager favor. Still. No help. Also rent overcharge. Disability cut in half. I say discriminatiin Abuse of powers. Financial exploitation. I should be reembursed for damages. But NO AMOUNT OF $ can ever replace memories. Photos.. My book. Mental and physical harm. Fear of going to bed at night. Not knowing what will happen next. I know I need to move But it takes $.. And I cant even leave to look!/Every time I do its another disaster and no one is calling me bacj. No friends or family to help... Someone out there.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
Renter in Independence, MO, USA

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