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3 months ago

I will be traveling the Trans-Siberian (Moscow-Beijing) in February 2020, how should I dress for the cold? : Hello r/russia, i have a very simple question. I'm not from a cold climate nor have ever withstood temperatures of maybe below -10º. Knowing I will go to Siberia in February, stopping in cities such as Krasnoyarsk, Omsk and Ekaterinburg, how would you recommend I dress for the weather? I've heard some places go up to -25º or even -30º in this time of the year. Is the weather usually windy or rainy? What should be taken into account? I will also spend one week in Moscow prior to the trip, where I can go and buy a coat and proper gear for the extreme winter. Could you recommend a brand/model built for this and a store in Moscow where I can buy it for a fair price? Thank you, and I'm excited to visit Russia and do this legendary trip! You have a beautiful country. Greetings from Brazil ;) Full Article
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