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23 days ago

KATC & KLFY Comment sections : I'll start by saying I wish I was able to be off Facebook like several people on here are but I'm just too weak. 2nd off I try to keep my timeline lite with friends, family and happenings in the area but with the pandemic and BLM movement it's hard to do that these days. Under normal circumstances I avoided the local news pages completely but since I'm not brave enough to dabble in S&M IRL I guess I've decided the next best thing is to dive into these comment sections on all the divisive issues. No surprise it remains a complete cesspool but I have noticed two things that are different than before. Even though still mostly far right wing conservative conspiracy boomers and guys name "Beau" spewing stupidity there is much more thoughtful intelligent people on there who make sound arguments opposite of just disregarding what is happening in the world as "liberal bullshit to get trump out of office" or whatever racist opinions they have. I don't think I've ever seen this many level headed people speak up in these comments sections. There is a shit ton of parody troll accounts. I mean a shit ton. Sometimes threads will be over 200 comments of just parady accounts going after specific people and following them thread to thread or just parody accounts jacking each other off. Has anyone else who is unfortunately like me and spends time in these sections noticing these things? Or am I just seeing what I want to see? Full Article
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