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about 1 month ago

Memo we received in London ambulance service regarding the BLM protests : Responding to the death of George Floyd Dear Colleagues, Since the death of George Floyd last week, millions across the globe have been taking part in protests and supporting the #BLM movement. The sad fact is, this is not a new issue. The history of systemic racial prejudice spans centuries and continents and is not exclusive to the USA. I recognise the personal impact and emotional turmoil that this is having on our black and minority ethnic colleagues, and I acknowledge that there are people across the Service who are hurting. The pain that is felt by black and minority ethnic people around the globe is palpable. And significantly this has had wider impact to people of all races. I understand this is stimulating debate. I want to recognise that and I welcome that debate. However, to be absolutely clear, racist views, comments and actions will not be tolerated in the Service. Please can I remind everyone that debate in person or online must be done in a respectful manner and demonstrate not only what is legal but also the values we all sign up to as employees of the Service. We have a series of events starting tomorrow to support colleagues in the form of: Virtual drop-in sessions In recognition of the necessity of social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are holding BME virtual drop in session. These sessions will be fluid and is a safe space to talk and share. We are keen to hear from staff about the impact of COVID-19 on our BME staff and about the Black Lives Matter movement. Allyship workshops This is a chance to learn about how to be an ally to BME LAS staff. The workshop aims to provide understanding to staff about what an ally is, so that staff understand why allies are important to encourage effective ally behaviour. Events:  Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BME) drop in session – 10:00hrs - Friday 5 June - Click here for the Teams Meeting link  LAS Live – a conversation on Facebook through LiA at 4.15pm - Friday 5 June  BME drop in session – 17.30hrs, Friday 5 June - Click here for the Teams Meeting link  Allyship workshop – 12:00h-13:30hrs, Wednesday 10 June: everyone welcome to attend – Click here for the Teams Meeting link Yours sincerely, Full Article
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