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4 months ago

Tinian Activities and Tips? : Hello! I’m a young geologist and will be staying on Tinian for about a month or two for work. I was wondering what I could do or go to to pass off-work time? Any tips too on anything I need to bring that I can’t really get/is more expensive in Tinian? Any nice snorkeling spots and also a gym I could check out? I don’t really see much about dive/surf shops on island but was hoping to scuba dive or atleast learn how to surf. And also food places to try? I know of JC Cafe but thats it. Also, I will be there mostly by myself so if any locals are down to hang or show me around I’d really appreciate it! I am not really expecting much and know theres not a lot to see but would still love to know more about the island. Thanks in advance! Full Article
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