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2 months ago

what’s safer right now: indygo or uber? : i’ve been limiting travel to bike or getting rides from family since march, but i’ve got an important appointment downtown next week. i always took the red line or uber downtown before covid, i’d hoped i wouldn’t need either for a while longer but have no choice. which is safer right now? i’m debating it since indygo has pretty strict cleaning supposedly and ubers aren’t exactly regulated for it, but with an uber i won’t be around more people than just the driver. i don’t know how busy it’ll be, it’s midafternoon on thursday, i always took it for commuting early morning and evening. what do y’all think? quick edit: i’m not super high risk (early 30s, healthy) but have immunocompromised family, we’re strict about decontamination and self isolation but i need to be extremely cautious because of that. Full Article

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