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4 months ago

Do not move to Lake Barcroft Plaza apartments (poor management and bedbugs/infestations) in falls church. : First thing. They forgot we had an appointment when we were first looking at the place. When we moved in they gave us the wrong mail keys(unprofessional) We got bed bugs(2 months of failed exterminations) and the office is blaming us for it. We had been living out of plastic bags(their order) and paying full rent. They said they have never had bed bugs....BULLSHIT. Exterminators are here every day in different buildings. 1 of my neighbors moved out during an extermination. Latoya is the manager if you want to ask her questions. Our cars have been towed from the parking lot the day our tags expired even though we had paid already and was waiting for the sticker to come in the mail. They def have a deal with the local tow area I cant remember which one. They are not giving us our deposit back for every little reason. 1 missing vertical blind is a $100 dollar charge! A tiny stain on the carpet is another $100 dollar charge! How do you live in an apartment 2+ years and not have a tiny stain? The pool never opens on time and is disgusting. If you like swimming around a non filtered pool go ahead. They just dump chemicals in every 30 minutes. Not aloud to have things on your balcony. They gave me crap for having a bicycle out there. The walls are paper thin. There is not enough parking. Be ready to walk around the whole place if you get home after 6pm. If you have a unique name- They will spell it wrong every time lol but anyways. They simply have no professionalism or compassion. The place is loud and apparently infested with bugs/mice. Owl pest prevention is a joke lol. ​ Any who don't move here unless you like what you have read. You get what you pay for I guess. Full Article
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