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about 1 month ago

Is it just me, or do most Arabs not really care for Iraq? : The protests were going on, and my friends on social media were still talking about Palestine. Nothing about the protests. People on the Arabs subreddit started trashing on me saying that they posted stuff, but a good chunk of who posted the stories on their page were other Iraqis. I sympathize with the Palestinians, but I’m getting more and more indifferent now since no one ever talks about us. We’ve had more people die from 2003-2011 than Palestinians have since 1948 till today. I’m over it. It’s always Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and now Yemen. I’m not saying don’t feel bad for those countries. Obviously pray and hope they get better and support them, but I’m just venting since I’ve never seen one post from my non-Iraqi friends about the struggles in Iraq. I don’t know, if it’s just me I’ll shut up. But some other Iraqis I know have said the same thing to me, just not as intense haha Full Article
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