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about 1 month ago

reddit meet up : tonight @ 6 pm : hi all (: last meetup was super super awesome - so thank you everyone who came out ! I know meet ups can be awkward and uncomfortable sometimes but we’re all in this together - right? the water street parking garage has free parking for the first hour and then it’s pretty cheap after, $2 an hour ————————————————————————— who: fellow redditors, new to town, locals who’ve been here a while or anyone friendly who wants to meet up where: south street brewery; 106 south street west, charlottesville, va 22902 @ 6 pm - whenever (last time we stayed out till 10) I reserved tables in the MAIN ROOM - when you come in ask for reddit meet up or just message me and I’ll meet you ———————————————————————— ***I received some messages from people who are worried about going to events centered around alcohol ; I tried to choose a place with food and snacks - so if you don’t feel comfortable drinking you can always get some food and soda and we can just have a conversation.. no pressure to drink if that’s not your thing! - last time a handful of people came who didn’t drink and they still had a great time! feel free to come out for games, snacks and good conversation! ** all ages welcome! last time our meet up had people in their 20’s - 40’s and more are welcome! (: I’ll bring stickers for name tags! If you have any questions, please let me know (: I’ll keep this post updated ! Full Article

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