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2 months ago

A letter my friend wrote to the mayor and sheriff. I plan on sending it to them as well. I have their city emails, but I won't post them publicly here unless the mods say it's ok. (Their emails are available to the public if you feel like hunting for them to send your own messages.) : You have asked for open communication, and I believe that makes sense. The problem is that I don't feel you have communicated with the community. If you feel what has happened is wrong TELL US. George Floyd was murdered by an officer. You don't have to skirt around the FACT that was an evil action just because Chauvin has the same occupation as you. Tell us it was unacceptable! And how do you feel about our country's history of racism? Do you see it? Are you okay with it? Or is it something you're fed up with too? Flint's sheriff marched with them. He let them know where he stands. He serves them, stands with them. Chattanooga's Chief told officers who didn't have an issues with Mr. Floyd's murder to turn in their badge. He wants to protect his community. What was it our leaders did? They certainly didn't stand with our community. They didn't show that they want equality for all. They gassed, maced, and shot. They said the second day they would be more aggressive. They did not show support. They escalated violence and withheld empathy. They showed who they feel are superior. So on second thought, you sure have said a lot after all. Through your silence. Through your aggressive actions. And I'm asking that you change what you're saying. It's okay to say you were in the wrong. Tell us that you do stand with us and then back up your words with actions. Show the community that our leaders and the FWPD cares for all that it's supposed to protect and serve. Send a different message than what you've been sending. You can choose which side you are on - resistance or positive change. Here's hoping for a future where we can ALL feel safe, protected, and treated equally so that we can be the best community we can be. Full Article
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