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3 months ago

Philippines continues to suffer : At first, travel ban policy in this country has been very reactive to the situation. It was surrounded with some racism bullshittery and political favoritism before the authorities came in to their senses that this country need to impose travel ban. With less transparency and incompetence coming from the DOH, limited, selective, and ineffective test procedures were followed as if this virus is not a novel pathogen- they even downplayed the scene every day that it was the Filipino resilience and vigilance that protect this country from COVID (fck that mentality). Time came when Australia and Taiwan detected positive cases of COVID from individuals that gained travel history in Philippines, it was then the DOH suddenly releases influx of local transmission cases to the public (maybe from those unknown reported PUIs). It is saddening that Filipino people continue to become victim of the incompetence, arrogance, and ignorance of politicians they elected whom they thought as savior of this country- and still continue to patronize and defend them. Full Article

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