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8 months ago

China is to blame! : Someone recently did a fantastic post about marketing and how China is purposely not reporting both number of true infections/fatalities and how bad it is in a general sense in Wuhan and larger Hubei province because they want the media to focus on places like Italy, Spain, and the US. This allows them to disappear off the world stage and avoid responsibility and media attention for the massive amount of suffering, death, and financial loss of so many. I have never been much of a conspiracy person but the sad reality that there is more than a fair share of evidence about the lab in Wuhan and COVID-19 is damning enough. On top of that Wuhan, the wet markets, and over all China have been a problem when it comes to Viruses for quite some time. After this is all over and the amount of sheer death and misery this has brought I hope it is never forgotten that China is responsible. The people are amazing and I think victims as much as many in this but the government and the system in China is disgraceful and should have to pay for what they have done to the world and its citizens. If you disagree wait till someone you know gets sick or passes away. This virus is beyond horrific. Don't wait till it is in your back yard or affects/effects you and your family directly to be outraged. Your voice can actually mean change in China after this whole thing is done and don't let anyone tell you different. Full Article
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