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about 1 month ago

Romanian/Canadian guy short term move back to Romania : Hey, so I(23M) was born in Romania, lived in Canada since 2yo, I speak and read Romanian perfectly fine but my writing would be embarrassing hence the English. I'll be flying back to Ploiesti at the end of June for the next year or so to study/work, as the plan was China/Asia but covid put a hold on that. I really don't know much of what to expect, but I did have a few questions for those kind enough to answer. What is the current economic situation? How noticeable is the difference? Are places like bars, restaurants opening up? What do young people do for fun? Being from Canada, I'm used to smiling at people I interact with, am I really gonna have to cut that out? I'm used to it from travelling to China, but it just feels cold coming from North American culture. I know there aren't many foreigners around, so how could I expect my Chinese girlfriend to be treated if she were to visit? (She's objectively quite attractive) From my fathers words I'm bracing for racism/harassment and bar fights. Multumesc, I appreciate any responses, excited to see you all soon! Full Article
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