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3 months ago

Restaurant Recommendations for Grandma visiting? (DC/Arlington area, preferably closer to Georgetown) : Hi, my grandmother who is from East Asia is visiting tomorrow night. I am looking for some restaurant recommendations in the DC or the Arlington area. I plan on having dinner around 7/730, and then heading to the Top of the Gate for some post-dinner drinks. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Some details: - Restaurants with reservations availability would be the most ideal for the dinner - Preferably, I would like to be somewhat close to Top of the Gate if possible. It’s not an absolute though. (I wanted to take her to purple patch but that seems a little far if we want to make the Top of the Gate move afterwards.) - The food doesn’t have to be Asian, but my grandmother is not the most adventurous eater. (She’s going to be just fine having a steak, seafood, etc.., any recommendations would be great.) Please let me know! Your input is greatly appreciated. Full Article

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