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3 months ago

Why can't I find anything in the Charlotte News outlets about the wreck on 485 inner from last night? : Wife and I were returning home after a long drive yesterday evening when we came up on a wreck just before the 485/77 interchange on 485 Inner. This was around 8:45-9:00 PM last night (7/5/20). The police completely shut down traffic for nearly 2 hours. We saw an ambulance and a tow truck come through. Traffic didn't move until they had cleaned up the entire accident scene. Some folks on Waze reported possible fatalities as bodies were covered on stretchers. I just want to know what happened. It's quite possible the family doesn't want the names published, but that doesn't mean you can't publish a story with ages and sex instead. Does anyone have a link or knowledge to share on this event? Thanks! Full Article
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