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Daily Discussion for Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 07 June : UK Megathread /r/uk Megathread for all COVID discussion. Please use this thread to discuss any and all COVID related topics. We would ask that you don't submit new selfposts for the topic on the subreddit itself. Please only submit new subreddit posts for substantial news. While high-quality discussion is always preferred, memes, images and low-effort posts are absolutely acceptable on this topic. Comic relief is especially welcome! General Advice Current UK Government strategy is the acceptance that containing the virus is not entirely possible. The UK is now in a 'lockdown' phase. People are directed to stay at home, and 'only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work'. Please see the article for further information. The lockdown phase will last for at least three weeks from 2020-03-24, after which point it will be reviewed. If you believe you are infected, please use as your first port of call. Do not try to visit your GP. Call 111 only if the website advises you to do so as it is understandably suffering from high call volumes, thus struggling to answer those with genuine needs. Consider minimising physical contact with those which are more vulnerable, such as those with comorbidities. Wash your hands, for at least 20 seconds each time. Ideally with hand sanitiser or soap. Stockpiling goods without good cause is inherently selfish. You may be depriving vulnerable groups of vital supplies. Resources Public Service Announcement - /u/ilikelegoandcrackers curated information. Often containing research and latest developments. AskUK Curated MT Discussion - See the daily megathread in AskUK. This is heavily moderated by the AskUK team and as such is a good resource for sensible discussion. Please direct questions there if you're wanting serious consideration and the question is non-trivial. If you are of an anxious disposition, we would recommend you stick to there rather than our MT or even the larger Coronavirus subreddits. Otherwise, please stick to here! COVID Legal Queries - LegalAdviceUK is running a discussion specifically about items such as workers rights, insurance, etc, in regards to COVID. Best Informational COVID Subreddit - For COVID infomation with a concentration of scientific posts. UK Government COVID Updates - Contains generic advice and the latest testing results. BBC News Coronavirus Explainer - Articles and information about the virus. Community Groups and Requests for Help Got a 3D printer? Perhaps you can make PPE for the NHS? Does your computer or smartphone have some downtime you can donate? PC users see Folding@home. Smartphone users see Vodafone Dreamlab Warning Please be aware there are users which post inaccurate information, hysteria and conjecture. Keep your wits about you and be sure to research everything before taking any action. In particular, when suspicious of a commenter's good faith, take an aggressive approach to determining a user's account age, karma, and typical comment locations when understanding their interest. If you spot a user detailing particularly dangerous information as a recommendation (i.e. dubious medical advice), please do report the post, once (with a custom reason), as well as calling attention to the danger as a reply. We also recommend that if you do venture into places such as /r/Coronavirus, /r/CoronavirusUK, and /r/China_Flu, that you take seriously heavy precautions with you. The misinformation on said subreddits is endemic. Mobile users On the web version, we set the sorting by New. There is a high chance your client ignores this, as such you may wish to set it manually. Full Article

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