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2 months ago

Short-Term (5-6 month) Apartment Rentals - Why So Hard? : Hi All, I'm an Aussie currently living in NYC and most likely moving back to Sydney for 5-6 months beginning in November. It's a temporary move and I will definitely be returning back to NYC. It's exciting however I'm having lots of trouble finding an apartment to rent during this time period that is fully furnished (don't want to spend money furnishing a place if I'm only going to be there for 6 months max). Been a long time since I've lived in Sydney (left in 2007) so I really feel like a foreigner trying to find furnished accomodation - relying heavily on Google. All I am finding are corporate/executive apartment solutions which are wanting to charge me AUS$7.5K per month which more than double what I pay for my apartment in Manhattan. Surely it can't be that expensive? Does anyone have any good resources where I could investigate short term options? Is this even a thing in Sydney? I'm looking at spending AU$700 per week max (which is what I pay in Manhattan) on a 1-bed/1-bath apartment in Inner City / near beaches in Eastern Suburbs (Bondi, North Bondi, Bronte, Coogee etc). Is that a realistic price? Any reality checks or information on services in this field would be greatly appreciated. Full Article
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