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23 days ago

3 radio stations, 1 frequency : WLTM-FM): Talk Show, Mina, NY WXNM-LP: Religious Radio Station, Erie CFPL-FM: Rock Music Station, London, ONT All stations use 95.9FM and are audible in majority of the Erie Area With 3 stations on a single frequency, this allows for something weird to happen sometimes where, depending on the direction of your receiver, you can pick up these different stations, at around the late night to early morning hours, WXNM is at a much lower power than the other two making those the main two stations for interference. The closer you are to the lake the clearer CFPL comes in and the closer you get to the NY-PA state line the clearer WLTM comes in. Enjoy this unique and mildly unpleasant feature of Erie. Which one should you think should stay? Full Article
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