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about 1 month ago

Found some interesting studies on NL culture, language, the term Newfie and its view by mainland Canadians. : Hi guys, so I came across these studies last night and thought they were not only interesting, but extremely eye opening. I’ve noticed the studies findings go against what some Newfoundlanders believe about how they’re viewed in Canada, which the studies themselves take note of. I want to highlight some of the findings here that really stood out to me. The first is a study done on the term Newfie. A sample of 110 Toronto university students found they characterized Newfie as derogatory and offensive most often, but one respondent noted it usually seems amongst Newfoundlanders that [Newfie] has no offensive or derogatory effect. However when used by outsiders it takes on a completely different context. Another added that mainlanders used “Newfie'' to represent an uneducated, stupid individual, not as a term of endearment. That finding is super interesting, as I often hear plenty of Newfoundlanders; when defending the use of the term Newfie say “it’s a term of endearment” or “mainlanders don’t know it’s an offensive term” this finding shows that neither of those statements are true. The studies have found that the term Newfie is derogatory no matter how positive some Newfoundlanders view the term and that usage of the term by Newfoundlanders themselves perpetuates their own stereotypes. They noted that when Newfoundlanders use the derogatory term “Newfie” positively to outsiders or participate in Newfie jokes, it reinforces the stereotype that we’re stupid. This was also a finding: King and Clarke (2002, 537) contend that while the term Newfie itself serves as a “vehicle of social marginalization,” its meaning among in- group members remains complex. In fact, research suggests that Newfoundlanders are viewed negatively by mainland Canadians (McKinnie and Dailey-O’Cain 2002) In trying to figure out why some Newfoundlanders accept language, jokes and behaviour that’s meant to marginalize them; the studies also found that Newfoundlanders who view the term “Newfie” and things such as “Newfie jokes” in a positive light tend to be working class Newfoundlanders, they also tend to be young people who’ve had limited experience to out group usage and expatriate Newfoundlanders who are possibly conforming to majority attitudes to the term that prevail in western Canada. The working class finding is super interesting as I’ve seen something similar manifest on the internet. If you dislike the term Newfie or speak out against being made fun of, other Newfoundlanders accuse you of being a “townie” they also say things like “you must be part of the Newfoundland elite” It’s also been suggested that due to some Newfoundlanders economic situation, they’ve been reduced to selling parodies of themselves and their culture, but only a fraction of pro-Newfie sentiments gain economically from pro-Newfieism I can’t list all of the findings as the post would be too long, but what do you guys think of the few findings I’ve listed here? I’m also fully aware that this might cause some Newfoundlanders here that aren’t against these things to be a bit ticked off, but I think it’s important to have such studies brought to people’s attention. The articles:'t_We_Proud_of_Our_Language (starts on page 9) Full Article

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