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about 1 month ago

Wife and I are thinking of moving here in the next 5 years or so. : Hi everybody, my wife and I currently live in Lancaster PA and are really getting tired of the area. The house we’re in is over a hundred years old and seems like it always needs some sort of work done. The taxes are kind of insane. And my wife is originally from the Sarasota area, so with both our boys going to be out of high school in the next year, we’re definitely looking to get out. I currently work as a sterile processing tech at our local hospital, and have done so for the past 11 years. My wife does data entry/merchandising for Nielsen. I’m 42, she’s 43. Both pretty liberal, but keep to ourselves for the most part. Based on that info, what do you all think? Is this the right place? The prices on some of the houses we’ve been looking at are insane(in comparison to the Lancaster area). And if you don’t think Ocala would be a good choice, what area would you suggest? Full Article
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