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4 months ago

Permit required for tire fire? : Greetings! My uncle is a shadetree mechanic and I help him quite often with automotive repairwork, and we've amassed quite a collection of bald, busted and worthless tires. We had been thinking about having a tire fire on New Year's Eve to go along with our yearly firework celebration, but we wanted to make sure to have the proper permits to do so. We stay over here by Eastover, so not technically in Fayetteville city limits where burning is not allowed. We want to make sure to pay the proper fees and get the right permits and were wondering if anyone knew about how much this would cost? I called the Cumblerland county courthouse already but got put on hols for 15 minutes then finally disconnected, got fed up and dont want to go through that again. On a side note, shoot me a message if u need any repairwork done, we'll do it cheaper than anywhere else around and it would really help our family out to pay for Christmas expenses. Thanks for your help! Full Article
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