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about 1 month ago

Is Caleño accent really so distinct? : Hello guys, I know you are probably sick of people asking dumb questions after watching Narcos but this one is only about language. So there's a character named Orlando Henao that is supposed to be Caleño. The way he talks is very unique. I'm thinking maybe the actor is trying hard to sound like a local. I know producers used actors outside Colombia so I checked if the guy was a local. He is from Colombia but he was born in Bogotá, so not exactly Caleño I guess. His name is Julián Arango, don't know if it helps. For example, in one of the scenes I guess he said "¡ve! ¿cuánto tenías pensado?" but he's like "vEiiiiii y cuanTO TEnias pensAAdo". Plus he uses vos. Full Article
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