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2 months ago

Don't use for medicine : I'm sure some of you during this pandemic discovered this company that can get your prescription sent to you in the post. I have pretty bad asthma so have been self isolating for a while now. I get two inhalers every 4 weeks, so I ordered from Well hoping they would save me going to a chemist with a bunch of sick people. It cost more than normal, it took forever to arrive, and its not even the right inhaler. When I got in touch with them they told me "oh don't worry, its just a generic version of what you have". It bloody isn't. It's not even the same delivery method (poweder vs aerosol). I asked them just to send me the right one and theyve ghosted me every since. I'm sure they're busy in all this but their job was just to deliver what I ordered, not change it without telling me first. They wont accept returns either. Only got a couple days left of inhaler now (i ordered when I have about 3 weeks left). Going to try to have to call my doctors and get an emergecy prescription sent and porbbaly have to go to a pharamcy in the middle of epidemic. Anyone else who is vulnerable please dont depend on these guys, they might cos you your health rather than support it. Full Article

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