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3 months ago

Dulles Access Road : Hi guys, I wonder if anyone has been doing this? So this morning I was driving from DC to Herndon for work, I know, my commute sucks. Anyways, when I got onto 267 from 66 west bound I did not make it to the right lanes in time before the divider so I was in Dulles access road instead, and I could not get back to the toll road. I was like crap now I have to waste the 15 min I saved by paying toll. But then I realized the access road doesn't have tolls! I followed the GPS and got to work for only 7 min longer than usual. So I wondered if anyone is doing this on a daily basis? I saw some very old posts from 2012 that people got tickets for this, what is the situation now? BTW I saw one cop on the access road when I got close to the airport looking through some telescopes at the access road while standing next to his car. I wonder if that is how they enforce the backtracking thing. Any ideas? Full Article

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