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3 months ago

Potentially moving here from Evansville, Indiana : I've visited a few times. A dear friend and her family live in the area. I've heard from her and others that Lima is dangerous, but I also heard that when moving to Evansville from a small town and Evansville hasn't been dangerous to me at all. (The '90s kid half of my childhood was near Nashville and part of my twenties was in NYC, facts generally forgotten or unknown in conversations like this.) Everything I've heard and seen about Lima is also true for Evansville, except that Lima is smaller. My only kid is a fetus and I'll probably homeschool (personal preference), although I've heard Shawnee schools are good and I'd like more info on this and other options. I have a long term goal and don't plan to stay forever if I do move to Lima or the county. Lima is really only on the list of potential places for sentimental reasons. My work is contractual. Easy to transfer anywhere, no permanent location. That's the kind of work my spouse and/or I will continue to do, most likely, so work isn't really a point of reference for where in the city to live. Is there anything for young kids, or would somewhere larger be better? Is there a Jewish community? An LGBT community? I'm used to working class WASPy neighborhoods (I'm working class anyway), but community would be nice. Anything else I should know? Full Article
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