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about 1 month ago

How do we make you feel safe? : I'm not a tourist in Malta, I'm not Chinese, and I don't have nCoV... But I'm Asian and I haven't been staying in Malta for that long. So far, I'm loving the country. Before the recent panic, all my encounters with the Maltese were so kind and nice. But as a female who looks quite like a Chinese, I'm kinda worried. I don't have anything against the Chinese, but I've heard from my friends that they've had encounters where people call them "Chinese" or talk about Corona virus while glaring at them. Honestly, they don't even look like one. So I, who resembles a Chinese, am more worried. There's even a footage where an Italian mistook a person as a chinese and punched him. This happened in Italy btw, but who knows if it can happen here. Here it is I just want to live here peacefully. So, I want to know how we can make you feel safe. Are there certain actions or affirmations we can do or say to you? In my country, the NcoV issue has already calmed down so I'm not so scared about it. Honestly, I'm more scared of the racist encounters that could happen to us. I'm anxious of riding the bus or even going out. I hope you can keep an open mind about this issue. Sorry for this virus outbreak and thank you for reading this. Full Article
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