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about 2 months ago

This post may age like milk or age like wine. STL County has done a great job in handling COVID-19 : Basically in all phases of COVID-19, Sam Page has been on top of this. I am not even affiliated with Page or not even a donor. Just a concerned small business owner who is also an individual taxpayer. Currently, the positivity rate is 5.3%. It has been significantly declining since late July and now its expected to fall below the 5% threshold. Major health organizations view anything below 5% as a good metric to take actions regarding relaxing business restrictions. But it has to stay below 5 percent for two weeks. So far so good. Deaths have also plummeted. From averaging new deaths in the mid to high teens back in April, STL County has been in the 1-2 new deaths a day for almost two months. Although this is not a significant containment measure as it means the infection has shifted from a vulnerable population (elderly) to more younger patients. New Daily cases are trending downward. Today they reported only 23 new cases, which is the lowest since early June. If the trend continues (knock on wood) it will reach levels from March by end of the week or early next week. At the earlier peak on July 15, we reported 316 new cases that day (thanks july 4th). All of this is very encouraging, we cannot give up now as we cannot control what others around the county do. But keep it up. The mask mandate seems to be working really well in reducing the case load. PLEASE CONTINUE TO USE THE MASK AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING. It helps when leadership takes the science seriously. Also helps that Page is a medical doctor. **I am presuming that the information on is a direct mirror from all of the local hospitals and not rinsed by the state of Missouri or the federal government. Full Article
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