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about 1 month ago

With most people in service industry / low paid jobs barely able to afford to stay in London and the upcoming end of furlough / mass layoffs how do you see things develop? UBI time? : Most people in the service industry are barely able to afford living in London. Most restaurants / Hotels are keeping them on just because of the furlough scheme. Once Furlough ends, those companies are going to fire excess staff. That means that lots of people living pay-cheque to pay-cheque can't afford to pay rent. Homelessness spikes followed by a mass exodus and instant fall in rent prices and value of housing resulting rise in crime and cuts in social benefits / police budgets etc etc. Only possible positive outcome I could see would be a let's say a 1 year long UBI that will allow furloughed workers (and everyone) to live and spend in London and help kickstart and boost the economy resulting in a win win scenario for everyone involved. Any other ideas on how we can avoid the possible downward spiral in the horizon? How do you see this whole thing play out in London? Full Article
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