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8 months ago

Suggested doctors for expats in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City 2020? Please Help! : Hi folks, Have been travelling around this beautiful country for the past few months and I am currently in Saigon looking for a doctor who can speak English and who has experience helping expats. I have found some old threads regarding this topic online but a lot are outdated and include some horror stories. I arrived at a doctors office this morning in D7 only to find out it's not there anymore, so my search continues! I have developed some form of itchy rash on my neck and shoulders that I want to get checked out, but whilst I am there I would also like to get an STI/D check as I haven't done that in over a year and in my home country it's common practise to do this process at least once a year. So if you know of anywhere I could see to both of these issues without getting ripped off, in a clean and hopefully English speaking environment I would be super grateful if you could take a moment to help a fellow solo traveller with your knowledge and experience. P.S: Some of the horror stories I have heard about have been from places like... > FV Hospital > Cho Ray > Diamond Plaza clinic Thanks again for your input :) Full Article

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