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3 months ago

Lost wallet- Euston Station- Help? : Hi all, as the title suggests, I’ve lost my wallet in Euston Station. I believe it fell out of my coat pocket in the area in front of the arrival/departure boards (above ground). There is seating directly in line with the boards. There is also a young guy sitting at a red customer service station. I was sitting in the seats and at the red customer service area when I had taken my coat off. I’m told the best option for me is to call customer service tomorrow and see if it’s been turned in...however, If anyone happens to be there, or going there and wouldn’t mind checking with lost and found/customer service I’d appreciate it. Hell, if there’s any of the money I had left in it, I’m happy to hand it over as a reward. I’m from out of the country and currently on a train to North England. Full Article
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