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3 months ago

Revolut is now the UK's biggest FinTech, but if you're using it, make sure you understand your Privacy and how to opt out of things you don't want to be part of. : I really love Revolut. Got it when it was new as I was travelling and now I use it as my primary card, but I only just saw today all of the things I had signed up for with them. What exactly am I talking about: Marketing emails Marketing push notifications Sharing you personal information such as name and email address (unspecified if it's limited to name and email) with social media and advertising platforms. Third party promotions emails and push notifications And sharing of information with credit bureaus I have no memory of agreeing to any of these although I'm sure it's in some lengthy TOS, but the good thing is it's easy to opt out. Android instructions: Simply go to the dashboard, click on the settings button (gear, top right) and click on privacy. Each has a toggle. It takes less than a minute. I guess bigger banks are doing the same thing, so once again Revolut is leading the way when it comes to digital banking, although it would be better if they didn't sneak these things in. Full Article

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