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about 2 months ago

Don't know if this belongs here, but PLEASE HELP. : I am an hour noth of Fort Wayne. I am in a very bad relationship. I have been unable to get a job, I had to sell my vehicle, and I am living off of my girlfriend because she has ruined all my friendships, and burned my bridges with my family. I have nobody. I will respect the rules in the subreddit by not saying any personal information. But if anyone can help me. Give me a place to stay and help me find a job, show me around a little I would appreciate it. I really need to leave and just never turn back. I'm clean, respectful, and will definitely make my do with help in any situations. I just really need help. You can do a background check if you must. I have had 1 speeding ticket and that's all. I am a great household guest. She has a child (not mine) and her sister living with us also. So I am fine around kids. You can message me to get to know me a little bit more. I just figured I would try to reach out.....I apologize if this is inappropriate in anyway. Full Article
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