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about 1 month ago

Georgia Political Rewind on NPR: Horrible or Terrible? You Decide! : "Political Rewind" is an hour-long Georgia politics discussion program that airs Monday thru Friday at 9 a.m. (repeated at 2 pm) on WGPB, 88.5 FM Atlanta, hosted by Bill Nigut, with guests who are state political types, politicians, consultants, etc. It bills itself as a politically neutral but its total political range runs from the center right to the far right: the left wing is entirely unrepresented on the show. There was a great example of this on today's show. They were talking about Bernie Sanders on the debate last night, and the Republican and the Democrats went right in there with “Socialist Socialist Socialist Sandanista Sandanista.” The way they were talking about him, I was seeing Bernie lurking shirtless in the jungle wearing a red headband with an AK-47 in his hands waiting to jump out screaming, “Up against the wall, American Democracy!” as soon as he's elected el Presidente. Not a word was heard from anyone in the discussion group in rebuttal. No one said, “Bernie is actually an FDR style democratic socialist who advocates for things like Medicare for All and a $15 minimum wage and child care for working families, that kind of thing.” In fact, no one said anything in defense of Sanders at all. I cannot say I am surprised – Johnny Isakson is as far left as they wanna go. The tame corporate Dems that populate Georgia politics at present are firmly center right, they wouldn't help a poor person because that might be socialist. I imagine Nigut and his guests are utterly bewildered at Bernie leading the polls, based on the very limited understanding of Bernie and his message that they display in their discussions. They are either liars or are very close to being Fox News viewers in their views. And honestly, I don't think they're that dumb. Full Article
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