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4 months ago

Unemployed Redditors, how are you finding the London job market right now? : As someone who is currently looking, it is HORRIFIC right now. I work in finance and even with London being a global finance centre, there are just so few jobs on the job boards out there. It seems you may have a better chance if you have language skills. I have no idea how unemployed people will cope when the furlough and mortgage holiday schemes end. I think the downturn started well before the pandemic. I know skilled people who are at junior and senior manager levels who have been looking for work since last year. After the lockdown the few opportunities that were there have just ended. I’ve accepted an interview for a role that pays around half of what my last role did only because that is the reality of work opportunities in my field of finance. I suppose the market does depend on your particular industry and specialism. It would be interesting to hear from people who are currently looking about their experience of the current job market in London. Please remember to mention your particular field. Full Article
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