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about 1 month ago

I am an American Looking for a Chinese Language Exchange Partner 我是美國人,正在尋找中文交流合作夥伴 : Hello everyone! I'm an American (Pacific Time Zone, Southern California). I'm looking for a reliable (1 hour daily or every other day) language exchange partner. We'll do 30 minutes in English & 30 minutes in Chinese. We can help each other perfect our accents, vocabulary and grammar by correcting each other's speech. I've been studying Chinese for 7 years now (at least 1 hour/day), but I still make lots of mistakes. Apologies in advance! Please add me on skype: []( or message me for my (USA) cell phone number. Thank you! 大家好! 我是美國人(南加州太平洋時區)。 我正在尋找可靠的(每天或每隔一天1小時)語言交換夥伴。 我們將用英語講30分鐘,用中文講30分鐘。 我們可以通過糾正彼此的言語來幫助彼此完善口音,詞彙和語法。 我學習漢語已經有7年了(每天至少1個小時),但是我仍然會犯很多錯誤。 提前致歉! 請在skype上添加我:[](或向我發送我的(美國)手機號碼。 謝謝! Full Article
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