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about 2 months ago

[Academic] A 2 min survey to find trends in opinions of consumers online vs in a store for my bachelors project with a chance to win 5x 10$ Gift Cards : This survey is for my Bachelors project. I will be using the response data to generate a machine learning model that analyzes customers preferences. I'm posting this on various country subreddits to gain more insight into each country without which I won’t be able to successfully finish my project. I’d like to thank you the subredditors and mods of r/Angola for bearing with me and I am sorry if this seems brash in any way. It is about a consumer’s opinion and how it is affected by Strangers/friends either online or in a store and how opinions can vary online and in a store. It'll take just 2-3 minutes to fill out the survey I'd really appreciate your participation in this study! Survey! [ (copy paste to share)] If you feel generous after submitting the survey please do share it in your social circles, it'll really help me out. Thank You! If anyone is interested, I will be sharing the results of the survey on r/SampleSize. The gift card draw is meant to add incentive for redditors so that we can have a large sample size. 5 winners will be able to select the gift cards of their choice worth 10$ each. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact us at: []( Full Article
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