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4 months ago

Barcelona lockdown: Covid19 updates and Q&As : Welcome to Lockdown News, the Barcelona weekly post. Covid-19 Guidance Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 - Canal Salut - Catalan Health Service (in Catalan, English, French and Spanish) Official Catalan government app: Stop Covid-19 Cat. Available for Android and iOS. NHS (UK) Coronavirus information page WHO Coronavirus homepage Important information There is a widespread lockdown in Catalonia, with all movement banned except for business reasons, to attend work, to buy food or essentials, or to go to a pharmacy or bank, or for an emergency. Most non-essential shops and businesses remain closed You are not allowed to go out of your home for non-essential reasons. Exceptions: to walk the dog (around the block is the recommendation). Children under 14 years are allowed out to exercise for one hour a day accompanied by one adult, up to a maximum of 1km from the home. The Spanish government says that from Saturday May 2, everyone will be allowed out to do sport/exercise, as long as the downward trend in the infection rate continues. Spain is under a state of emergency (estat d’alerta) since Saturday March 14 All schools and universities in Catalonia are closed from Friday March 13 All shopping malls, museums, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs and other social spaces in all Catalonia are closed Before posting here, read the rules: You must read the wiki before posting a question. You should also search for older threads answering your question. The wiki is written by locals and other people living here, and it has proved really useful for lots of visitors. It covers stuff like: where can I watch my favorite sports game? what metro ticket should I buy? what language do I need to speak? what's a good site for apartment hunting? what's a good restaurant in Eixample? what are some cool 'unknown' places to visit? If it looks like you haven't checked the wiki or done a search (basically if it looks like you haven't made much of an effort to find the info for yourself, including on Google), your question might get removed. Seriously, please read the wiki. The city is called Barcelona, or BCN or Barna for short. Barça is the football club. Barca means boat. That's a free first lesson on how to sound more like a local. Posts requesting cannabis club membership or purchasing/offering drugs are not allowed. This thread is posted automatically every week on Monday morning. Full Article
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