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about 1 month ago

What the fuck is wrong with people? : This is my local park when out jogging this morning, St Anne's. This scene was repeated all over the park. I know people are going out and cleaning up people's messes but when will it ever end? What can be done about it? We really don't have any civic pride in this country, any time the sun comes out the place is a fucking mess. Organised cleanups are one thing, but why should people have to clean up after these scumbags? So much of this ends up in the sea, us being an island, birds choke on things, it rots into the ground... So what solutions can we put in, to stop people doing this in the first place? Recycling centres for money, people always promote this idea, but it wouldn't stop the cunts throwing shit around in the first place, and if a large portion of society are doing this, well that is a sick society. Education? Baton charges by armoured police? Grrrrr.
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